In 2022, Let’s Shoot Videos!

As the world continues to experience waves of the pandemic, we see the mobile and digital landscape as an opportunity for businesses to share their story and engage with new clients.

In a socially distanced time like this, people are searching for ways to learn about new products, services, and experiences. As consumers look for new content, brands need to think about how to identify, reach, and activate new audiences even after the crisis is over. How we see it? It’s about consistency and adaptability.


Brand Video

A brand video is a sort of all-in-one, especially for those who don’t know much about your brand or company. This type of video aims to reach out to a wider range of targets and increase your brand awareness, so people know you exist.

Corporate video, customer/employee testimonial videos, company culture videos, event videos, BTS (Behind The Scene) videos, etc.


Educational Video

Educational videos teach your audience about your brand. This video strategy increases the credibility between you and your audience because you establish yourself as “someone who knows stuff” in the niche. Also, you have a chance to give them a good reason why they need your product or service.

Explainer videos, how-to videos, product reviews, tutorial videos, etc.


Youtube Video

Youtube video has one of the highest conversion rate among the other strategies in terms of conversion. Either it’s Youtube-friendly content videos or Youtube ads videos, the point is everyone in 2020-21 spends time watching Youtube videos hours a day.

Youtube ads, Vlogs, product reviews, influencer collabo, live videos, scripted videos, series, etc.


Promotional Video

A promotional video is a great way to get to the point and maximize your potential sales in a short period of time. The video will explain the key benefits or attributes of a product or service to the targeted audience.

Product marketing videos, product demo, launching video, live videos, crowd-funding/Kickstarter videos, explainer videos


Bite-Sized Videos

Not everyone is patient in learning and completing watching a full length of your videos. The bite-sized content referred to as “social media friendly” or “the spot” is usually a length of 15 to 30 seconds. It’s light and easy for the audience to consume on their cellphone. So as long as you are consistent and feeding content every day, you are basically talking with them like a mom.

Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, event videos, user-generated content, etc.


Scripted Video

When you have or require a strong-oriented brand, this could be the right tool for business. This video type can range from bite-sized to brand image videos, small budget to large budget, and one-time to series.

Youtube ads, commercial videos, series videos, mini/documentary, crowdfunding videos, etc.

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