Initial Meeting and Consultation

Shoot us an e-mail or say hi here, and we’ll give you a free video consultation through a phone call or email! We’re an open book to answer any of your questions and simply get to know one another. This is a casual way to hear about your business and discuss your goals.


Let’s start off on the right foot. We want to get to know your business goals, your products/services, and your strengths and weaknesses. Between video types, and media platforms, there is a multitude of potential options to choose from. Whether it’s a large scale production or a 15-sec TikTok, we’ll discuss the big picture to ensure your goals will be met.


Once we’ve identified your business goals, we are ready to develop a proposal. We’ll do the work of gathering your needs, preferences, and all that good jazz and deliver you a contract. Your signature launches our project and we get to do what we love: pre-production on your video!




With the big picture and goals aligned, it’s time to budget your video. By developing a media budget we know exactly how much creative freedom we have for developing your content.


Storyboarding and screenwriting is where the magic begins. Whether we’re developing a narrative for a commercial or gathering questions for an interview, we let our creative minds ideate your content.


We plan the best shooting dates with all talent and staff to maximize efficiency so we’re getting the most out of each day.

Shot List

Planning what shots need to be captured saves valuable time on set and gets the most out of your budget. Shot lists help us know what scenes, angles, and orders we want to capture each shot in. When preparing full-on story-driven projects, we’ll spend extra time to detail the storyboard for the desired visual outcome. We’ve been there and done it: when a shot list is good, the production time is efficient.





D-1 of Shooting Day. We’re preparing our equipment, reviewing all location sites, and ensuring your shoot goes smoothly and according to plan.


It’s shooting day! We immediately begin setting up the camera, lights, and production set items such as backdrops or props. We ensure a safe working environment by following county and CDC guidelines.


When the set is ready, we begin filming with our shot list as a guiding roadmap. We work with talent and staff to capture multiple cuts until we know we’ve landed the perfect one. We also gather plenty of B-Roll or insert shots. This can range from aerial drone shots to iPhone reels so we have ample footage for the editing room.




Where stories are made. We meticulously review our footage to deliver a final cut that best tells your story. For every project, we’ll create a video catered to your audience and platform. From TV commercials to IG reels, we’ll pack in the best within the timeframe we’ve got. At the core of it all, we’ll deliver CTAs while viewers are excited.

Color Grading

First, we correct footage to make everything appear close to real life. After it’s color corrected, it’s time to make it pop. Color grading is the art of stylizing the tone and color in your commercial. Whether the goal is a natural, realistic look or an urban cinematic film, the possibilities are endless!

Sound Editing, Mixing, and Mastering

We edit, mix, and master your sound. This includes removing background noises, syncing music and dialogue, and balancing out the entire soundtrack. Audio plays a huge factor in how a video is perceived, so we ensure your message delivers the right mood and style.

Special Effects

We offer a diverse range of effects from 3D logo and model animation to simple 2D graphics tuned to your desired outcome.

Encoding & Exporting

We export your video to best fit the distribution platform of your video. For example, a video encoded for mobile will be encoded differently than a commercial for television. Maximizing high fidelity and resolution, we deliver our videos in both HD and Ultra HD 4k resolution.

Your story begins here!

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