Turning a treasure map into a complete e-commerce store

The Problem

It’s never too easy to turn a rough idea into a reality because it’s simply we don’t know where to start, who to contact, or how to promote it; basically, no idea.


Our Solution

We turned a rough drawing of "the treasure map" into a fully operating brand. We discussed, designed, tested, produced, promoted, and ensured it's a lovely brand that makes profits!


A treasure map to reality

We all know there is a treasure map. But without knowing where to go to find it, it takes looooong time, or maybe it could never be a thing. Here are the rough steps we followed to find the "treasure."










Amazon FBA

Amazon is a great platform to sell stuff. There are two main reasons: first, most people go to Amazon for their purchases, and second, it is damn true! Amazon listing and all the other setups are not a joke- instead, it’s complicated, strict, and hectic. Without expert helps, you need to spend days or months unless you have a close friend who works at Amazon.

E-Commerce Website

Selling on Amazon is a good option because it gives you more sales than any other existing platform. Still, we know our website doesn’t take up 30%-50% of your margin. And that’s why having your website isn’t that bad idea.

Media Marketing + Content Production + Social Media Marketing + Content Production +
Media Marketing + Content Production + Social Media Marketing + Content Production +

In the end, customers only stay because of their love of your product, service, act, story, and brand. Building a solid brand takes time, but it's the only way to succeed in the modern market and long-term business model.

Logo Design

The logo summarizes your passion and the company. It motivates you and tells the story of its vision and brand to your fans.


Collabo & Events

PPC Advertisement


Now, it's time to expand and boost your sales in performance.



Footless Bird now carries several private label items on websites, Amazon, and multiple retailers, even in Korea and Japan. This brand is still growing organically and projecting to come with more items next year. What’s more exciting is that many lead brands in the sports industry and community have kept reaching out to this brand for exciting collaborations.

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