Low Budget

$1,000 – $10,000

The low end of $1000 is most common for one day of filming short reels and video ads. The higher the range, the grander the output – think a high-production commercial with the crew, multiple days of filming, a sound mixer, and post-production with special effects.



Medium Budget

$10,000 – $100,000

This is the budget often chosen by medium-sized businesses. Involving larger crews and ample space for creativity, we have more filming days, generous time for post-production, and high-profile talent.



High Budget

$100,000 and Up

The sky is the limit! This means large crews, topline special effects, sound stages, and no creative or time restrictions.


Filming Days

The more days we film, the more time, effort, and resources we need to produce your desired output. This is one of the biggest factors determining the budget.



Size and Experience of Crew

The larger the crew the more people we carry. If you are looking into a lower budget project, you can work with the one experienced content producer who will be able to handle the essential process of the production. On the other hand, if your business needs a specific quality and more structured content with a larger budget, we definitely can team up with the awesome crews for awesome contents.




While most production companies charge for renting high-end equipment, we first determine what’s necessary for the video platform. For instance, we don’t rent an Arri or Red cameras just to make a 15-sec mobile video. For major broadcast or TV, we prioritize efficiency above all to ensure we can deliver on quality within budget.



Range of Post-Production

The level of post-production has a great impact on the cost of your video. Advanced effects such as 3D animation can require a longer time for developing. We consider post-production at the beginning of our proposal to ensure your budget is reasonable for the desired outcome.



Desired Quality

Post-production can range from weeks to months to create the perfect video. The desired end result ultimately comes from technical expertise, creativity and time. Whether you need a budget-friendly ad that delivers your message clearly and succinctly with maximized reach, or an ear-popping sound mix, color correction, and name talent – we provide both ends to meet your goals within your needs.



Amount of Videos

We differientiate ourselves from most agencies by our monthly plans. Our long term contracts offer a lower cost per video for a continuous stream of your desired content. The more videos, the easier the cost.

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