Not just a third-party agency.

As time progresses, the consumers’ attention span demands increasingly engaging stimuli. Content in the form of still imagery has become runner-up to none other than video. Successful companies now focus on video more than anything else.

Luckily for you, video production and video marketing is our specialty. Our goal is to cultivate your vision into a reality. From high-production commercials to 15-sec reels. Just point us in a direction, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Lead team




“DJ started Rootinger in 2020 with the belief of blending creativity and efficiency to turn the traditional agency's fancy model upside down.”



Marketing Director

"Digital marketing comes down to one thing: constantly evolve, or become a dinosaur.”




“When it comes to creating content, it should be either straightforward, engaging, educational, promotional, or inspirational, but most importantly, fun.”

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